Friday, February 26, 2010


It's Merry time!!!!
This month's question: what do I hope to achieve this year?

There are only two things I REALLY want to achieve this year:
The first is to continue my collaborations with these two lovely people: Isabelle and Chris
As soon as I saw Zaza's mindboggling patient and neat work I thought we could combine our skills into truly unique creations. Zaza bought some of my tutorials and is now well into wire-wrapping and has her own unique creations mixed with her fabulously neat beadwork, and we just started our collaboration with these 2 HUGE rings!!!

Chris works with silver, natural stones and has the most amazing eye for finding truly amazing handmade lampork beads. She regularly checks up on me and what I create, pounces on what takes her fancy and incorporate my work into hers. This is her latest materpiece and it takes my breath away everytime I look at it... Chris has SUCH a gift for making stones and beads look as beautiful as they possibly can, absolutely amazing!!!!

My second goal this year is to keep having fun creating of course, and to go beyond what I have done so far... Now here's the tricky bit... what does it actually mean??? Well, it may mean 'go beyond in size' and I actually have one on-going project with a huge raw amethyst that I want to make into a decorative item... but I also want to progress in wire-wrapping and make something that makes me gawp and say: did I make that??? And subsequently have a big grin on my face... =D

And also, I want to get to grips with Facebook... because, dear me, I am so lost in there, I reckon it's a great marketing tool, but phew... they have not made it simple... Or am I too old for it??? LOL!!!

Please visit the other Merry-Go-Rounders' blogs!! We have 3 new members this month, Kim, Mitsy and Alison (Welcome!!!!), and all direct links to everyone's blog can be found on the sidebar.
Happy reading!!!


Ruth said...

I like your goals - clear, simple, and have fun! Make them happen! and don't worry too much about Facebook!!! :-D

Tweed Delights said...

Oooh, a collaboration sounds really exciting! I hope it all goes well for you :) I haven't got to grips with Facebook either : / Thanks for the lovely welcome - looking forward to meeting you on the Merry go Round :)

florcita said...

LOL you lost with Facebook, i have no time for that too!
Lovelovelove those rings! I haven checked your shop for a while (well, I was on the other side of the world) but I see there might be more than one beautiful thing awaiting.
Always move forward to what makes you happy!

ArtMind said...

Thank you for the welcome! Collaborations are such great way to keep creativity going. Looks like you've found great like minded souls. Enjoy!
Facebook? I was lost there too & never visited so I closed it! LOL :)

Vilt à la Kim said...

Super goals!!
collaborations are fun, never done that realy, but I can imagine.

I never tried Facebook as I barely Survive on the groups I have joined now..... Hope I don't miss too much .

meherio68 said...

Everyone who is anyone is too old for Facebook. Unless Facebook is too old for them...
I look forward to the big grin bit and you certainly choose your collaborators well!