Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry-go-round collaboration project!

For the last friday of the month and last day of the year, we decided on a collaboration project for our Merry-Go-Round posts. Each of us received some supplies from another merry member and the challenge was to create a collaboration piece.

Kim of Viltalakim, asked me which colours I preferred and sent me the most DELICIOUS supplies made out of felt! I receive little acorns with their natural hats, 2 of them still on their little branches!! – felted ‘cords’ which will be perfect for bracelets and necklaces, and the most incredible piece of felt I have ever held in my hands. First the colours are my favourite combo: green and pink, I just love it! Furthermore, the felt piece had FOLDS!!!!They add texture and movement without me doing anything to it… Just fabulous!

Straight away I knew I wanted to make a cuff adding lace and wired pieces.

Working with Kim’s felt was pure pleasure, the felt is thick and soft, I hardly have any visible stitches on the back of the cuff, so no need to hide anything and it becomes a real wrist warmer, it’s sooooooo lovely and soft!!!

My wired pieces consist of a leaf with silver plated wire and semi-precious stones and a dragonfly made out of copper wire with topaze, rock crystal chips and crystals. I added embellishments of fabric and lace flowers, and a few beads, ribbon and lace that I found in my local market.
This one is MINE!!! I absolutely ADORE it!!! THANK YOU KIM!!!!

Such a nice way to finish the year, I enjoyed all our merry posts throughout 2010 and I look forward to 2011!!!
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