Friday, July 31, 2009


This month's question: What inspires us? A peak into our pinboards, folders, journals (or wherever we hold little bits of inspiring stuff)

What inspires me? One word: everything! The world around me, the news, a sentence in a book I’m currently reading, the colour of a wild flower, a black and white photo, anything and everything… I used to cut and paste magazine articles and photos into journals, keeping only what had an impact on me, not just jewellery…

I am drawn to bright colours, busy backgrounds, the intricate and the ornate in everything. I need to shock, to make you stare, and I always want to go further. I tried and tried to make lovely classic timeless jewels and failed miserably. I just can’t do it. The busier the pattern the better I feel…

I also find inspiration through interviews of well-known designers; it is a real treat to look through a little window into their own minds, Jean-Paul Gaultier for example, not for his work, but for the way he works and thinks, he is cheeky and interesting and he likes to mix genres. His work is always a surprise, and even if I don’t actually like a lot of it, I like to look at it!!!

Furnishings like these are also mind blowing, made of burnt wood… this may not turn into anything but it makes me think in a different way and it makes me look at things in a different way…

I also have examples of just INCREDIBLE handmade jewels like this fabulous necklace by Magdalena Borejko, wire-wrapper extraordinaire who works with the most scrumptious of precious gems…

I also have rough sketches (and I mean rough…), and obviously, my stones…

But the shortage of ready available mags in English or French over here in Turkey has prompted me to use the internet instead, where I have dozens of folders full of pictures and websites jewellery and non-jewellery related… And the funny thing is I hardly ever re-visit them… I am much happier looking through my journals!! I think I am now reaping the benefits of keeping journals, my brain is a melting-pot of thousands of pictures and ideas, and inspiration comes out of the blue, on a good day almost immediately. I trust my brain to show me the way... =)

Thanks for reading!!
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Pleine Lune / Full Moon

Une bague inspirée par une nuit en Méditerranée, où la lumière intense de la pleine lune permet de voir les fleurs presque aussi bien qu'en plein jour, et où les papillons de nuit dansent dans les courants d'air chauds à travers un ciel d'encre criblé d'étoiles...

Grosse bague construite autour d'une perle plate d'onyx noir sertie de métal argenté (wire) entièrement recouvert de fil fin plaqué argent sculpté et tissé, décoré de perles d’eau douce, de perles d'onyx, de nacre, d’aigues marines et de minuscules perles de verre. 2 petites fleurs et 1 papillon en métal argenté. Anneau réglable. bague 3.5 cm.

This ring is a mediterranean summer night where you can clearly see all the flowers thanks to the intense light of a full moon, and where moths dance in the hot winds through an inky sky full of stars...

Adjustable ring built around a shiny black onyx coin, with a sculpted and woven bezel of wire and silver-plated thin wire decorated with aquamarines, freshwater pearls, mother-of-pearl, onyx, tiny glass beads, a butterfly and 2 little metal flowers.

Metal: Silver-coloured artistic wire entirely coiled with silver plated wire.
3.5 cm diameter

Merci de votre visite :)
Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Couleurs exotiques, invitation au voyage... Bonnes vacances!!!

Exotic colours, an invitation to travel... Have a good holiday!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lavande & Myosotis/Lavander & Forget-Me-Not

Another of my fave combos: turquoise and amethysts...

Une autre combinaison que j'aime beaucoup: turquoise et améthystes...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Les Fleurs de ma Passion/Passion Flowers

Une bague imposante pour ne + jamais faire tapisserie...avec une de mes associations favorites: grenat et perles d'eau douce...

A gigantic ring to stop feeling invisible... with one of my favourite combinations: garnet and freshwater pearls...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Carriages/Nouveaux Carrosses

Des petits carrosses un peu + élaborés...

Little carriages, a little more intricate and elaborate... You shall go to the ball Cinderella!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Le Fruit Défendu/Forbidden Fruit

Cette bague est le dernier regard jeté par Adam et Eve sur le Jardin d’Eden avant d’en être chassés. Le jardin magique allie ici pierres fines, pierres semi-précieuses naturelles, perles de verre et toupies de cristal. Mais, me direz-vous, où est donc la pomme ?? Et bien vous ne pouvez pas la rater : elle est toute rouge, et aussi monumentale que le péché original lui-même…!! :D

This ring is Adam and Eve's last glimpse of the Garden of Eden before being banned from it. This magical garden here is made of a mix of fine gemstones, semi-precious stones, natural pearls and beads, glass beads and crystal bicones. But, I hear you say, where's the apple?? Well, you can't miss it really, it's bright red and as huge as the Original Sin itself!! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Casino Royale

Un pendentif de Bond Girl: sexy, glamour et dangereux!!

A pendant fit only for a Bond Girl... It's sexy, sharp, mysterious and dangerous, and super glamourous!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sex & the City...Cocktail Ring/Bague Cocktail

Tout est dans le titre... :D
Cabochon turquoise et corset en cuir blanc.

The title says it all... :D
Turquoise cab and white leather corset.

Rose du Désert/Desert Rose...

'Desert Rose' by Sting was playing over and over in my head while I was making this pendant... The stone is a lovely agate slice, especially chosen for me by Ayperi of and, thanks to hours of trailing through Istanbul's Grand Bazaar...thank you very much Ayperi!!!

Rose du Désert… Ou Rose des Sables en bon français? La chanson de Sting "Desert Rose" se répétait dans ma tête tout au long de la fabrication de ce pendentif… La pierre est une agate aux superbes couleurs roses et violettes, spécialement choisie pour moi par Ayperi dans le Grand Bazaar d'Istanbul, MERCI Ayperi!!
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