Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's Merry-Go-Round time!!!!
This month, we're giving you an insight on how we do our respective crafts...

So I have chosen to show you how I make my 'I Left My Heart in..." necklaces (inspired by our Ruth by the way!!!). All I need is a few tools, a spool of thin wire and a piece of thick wire measuring around 20 cm. I did not know where I was going to 'leave my heart' when I started this necklace, normally I have a colour combo in mind as well as a place, but this one only started with the style of necklace, and the amethyst briolette you see in the first pic.

So I start forming the heart, a little loop at each end with round pliers, and the rest with my fingers. I just eyeball it. A little squiggle, and I start wrapping the heart... Three Madonna tracks later and I have to switch to Vaya Con Dios coz I can't keep up with the rythm!!! :) Madonna's great for cutting jumprings, but it makes me kink wire... Anyway, add the squiggle, 3 silver-coloured beads and the heart's done.

Looking for stones/colour/combo/place/theme, I'm digging deep, and I find a stash of fluorite chips I bought so long ago they could almost pass for vintage... All of a sudden everything comes together: tourmaline/amethyst/fluorite/aquamarine/ + Mythical + Arthur/Lancelot/Guinevere + Forest = BROCELIANDE (A forest in Brittany, which is where I come from, full of Arthurian Legends, Merlin and the Lady of the Lake). All these thoughts came all at once in a big PING-type idea. I have lost control... I'm in a frenzy now and wat to see Broceliande!!!

A few wraps and tweakings later, the pendant is done and the whole necklace is built. Now it's not actually finished, because the fluorite chips are too bulky and need to be wiggled to get through the heart, so I need to tweak again...

A few peridot chips, fluorite and quartz beads later and there you have it "I Left My Heart in Broceliande"... Thanks for visiting :)

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chromothérapie/ Colour Therapy: Violet/Purple

Colour Therapy : PURPLE
Purple is the colour of Magic and Mystery, peace of mind and inspiration.
Put some purple in your life to kick-start your imagination and increase your creativity, to re-balance your life and remove obstacles, to increase positive energy and beat depression.

Chromothérapie (Thérapie des couleurs) : VIOLET
Violet est la couleur de la Magie et des Mystères, de la paix de l’esprit et de l’inspiration.
Mettez du violet dans votre vie de tous les jours pour donner un coup de fouet à votre imagination et à votre créativité, pour rééquilibrer votre vie et vous débarrasser d’obstacles, pour augmenter votre énergie positive et faire fuir la dépression.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mine all mine...

An opera length charm necklace I am keeping for myself: aquamarine with a sculpted and woven hat, citrine nugget and silver plated dragonfly, strung on chain of about 80 cm.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


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