Thursday, January 28, 2010


It's Merry-Go-Round time!!!!
This month we'll show you the work of 3 artisans that we really like!!

His Glums always make me laugh, they are so sweet and almost lifelike!! I'd love to be able to sculpt!! In a sculpture, the front and back are as equally important, I like to see pieces that can be admired from different angles.

And this is Westcoastseaglass
I adore seaglass, the stories it conjures up, the history, the mystery... And I like the jewellery made with seaglass to be fresh and uncomplicated, a far cry from my own jewellery with tons of mangled wire... :)

And this is the gorgeous work of
BijouxOdalisque, a scrumptious collection of unbelievably amazing precious stones, paired with incredible vintage pieces... the lockets are to die for... My tongue scrapes the floor everytime I visit her shop!!

Have a look at my fellow Merriers' posts for this month, you'll find direct links in the sidebar on your right. Enjoy and thanks for reading!! =D

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Glamour in Neverland... Glamour au Pays Imaginaire

Naughty Tinkerbell, jealous and cunning little fairy, madly in love, puts on an alluring little corset to try and steal Peter's heart from Wendy's clutches...

Clochette, coquine petite fée jalouse et très amoureuse, se pare d'un petit corset très sexy, pour impressionner et essayer d'arracher le coeur Peter des griffes de Wendy l'intruse...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Bond Girl...

My smallest corset pendant to date...

Mon plus petit pendentif corset...

one Night in Neverland...Une Nuit au Pays Imaginaire

Follow Tinkerbell and her fairydust...

Suivez Clochette et sa poussiere d'etoiles...

A pair of small pendants, which totally convinced me of one thing: I absolutely can't make the same thing twice!!!

Deux petits pendentifs qui m'ont convaincu: Je suis incapable de faire 2 fois la meme chose!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Another beautiful amethyst cluster ‘simply’ wrapped, by this I mean with more wire than stones, 2 days of thinking and tough wrapping (ouch my fingers!!!!)… It looks so BRUTAL!! I absolutely adore it, and have decided to keep this one for myself… A nice start to 2010 lol!!!

Une deuxième améthyste brute, plus grosse, celle-ci montée en pendentif avec moins de pierres et plus de wire. Deux jours de cogitation et de wrapping à s’arracher la peau des doigts MDR… le wire wrapping est une occupation dangereuse!!!
C’est un pendentif imposant et lourd (52 gr.), à ne pas mettre entre toutes les mains… d’ailleurs, j’ai décidé de le garder pour mes mimines à moi !!!! HAHAHAHA!!!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sirop d'érable... Maple Syrup...

Une belle bague imposante pour commencer l'année, en perles et pierres naturelles bien entendu!! Avec un joli fil doré dont la couleur rappelle l'or 9 carat, vraiment joli!!

A nice golden cocktail ring to start 2010 in style, with of course natural stones and beads, with a very nice gold coloured artistic wire, that looks like 9 carat gold... A brilliant find from my lovely friend Ayperi, thank you my dear!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010