Thursday, January 28, 2010


It's Merry-Go-Round time!!!!
This month we'll show you the work of 3 artisans that we really like!!

His Glums always make me laugh, they are so sweet and almost lifelike!! I'd love to be able to sculpt!! In a sculpture, the front and back are as equally important, I like to see pieces that can be admired from different angles.

And this is Westcoastseaglass
I adore seaglass, the stories it conjures up, the history, the mystery... And I like the jewellery made with seaglass to be fresh and uncomplicated, a far cry from my own jewellery with tons of mangled wire... :)

And this is the gorgeous work of
BijouxOdalisque, a scrumptious collection of unbelievably amazing precious stones, paired with incredible vintage pieces... the lockets are to die for... My tongue scrapes the floor everytime I visit her shop!!

Have a look at my fellow Merriers' posts for this month, you'll find direct links in the sidebar on your right. Enjoy and thanks for reading!! =D


Ruth said...

I love those little sculptures! How cute!

Wendren said...

A I said to Ruth, it is amazingly and interesting to see the how the artists we have chosen have connections to our own work. I can especially see this inspirational link in Westcoastseaglass's pieces and your own.

florcita said...

I didn't know of them, thanks for showing the way!

meherio68 said...

Scrumptious indeed— yummy!