Wednesday, March 25, 2009


To celebrate the return of the sun (well, almost...) after a really long winter full of thunderstorms and icy winds, here are 2 charm necklaces with soft colours, bringing out my little skippy step, announcing warmth coming back to this side of the world...Long necklaces, 68 and 75 cm.

Pour célébrer le retour (ou presque) du soleil apres un hiver vraiment trop long, plein d'orages et de vents glacés, voici deux colliers breloques qui me font sautiller de par leurs couleurs, et qui annonce le retour de la chaleur dans ma partie du monde...Colliers longs 68 et 75 cm


Marian said...

Love love love them... I've been meaning to find the time to try that one yous ent me... I got the supplies already... now I need a moment to attempt it!
You got sun already?? It's back to 7C here and rain, rain rain... yuk.

Lily Pang said...

I love this, such delicate and charming and whimsical! A very good spring piece.

Easterya said...

Thank you both very much!!
Mariana, I can't wait to see your heart!! And yes, spring is definitely on its way here, 26C forecast next week...YEAAAAAH!!!