Friday, March 27, 2009


This month we all give you our favourite easy recipes!!

I don't cook, I only bake, my husband LOVES cooking, so who am I to deprive him? So much for legendary Cooking of French Women (haha, I'm with Agathe on the degenerate bit :D)
So my recipe today is a hearty/heavy dessert/breakfast from my native Brittany: Le Far Breton. Dates back from the 18th century, first baked for religious festivals, traditionally full of prunes (but can't find any here in Turkey, would you believe, so I make mine with sultanas), it's heavy and sweet and will melt in your mouth. Funny texture, no baking powder and a piece of cake to make :P
It used to be the stapled dessert of family sunday roasts, I understand why my mother made this on a regular basis: 3 kids at home, always hungry and moaning for bits to munch on, but this 'Far' fills corners, so she got peace and quiet for a few hours... :)


Preparation: 15 min
Cooking: 50 min

Ingredients (serves 6 - 8 people):

- 200 gr. (or 2 cups) of flour
- 200 gr. (or 1 cup) of sugar
- 4 eggs
- 1 litre of milk
- 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (or packet of vanilla sugar)
- 300 gr. (or 10 oz) of pitted dried prunes (or sultanas, dried apricots, etc.)


Mix all the ingredients together, except the prunes (or sultanas…), then pour the preparation in a pan.

Put the pan on medium heat and stir it up continuously until this mixture thickens a little. This should take 4 or 5 minutes.

Butter a baking dish, and pour in half of the preparation.
Lay out the prunes, and pour the rest of the mixture in the dish.

Oven cook at medium heat 180 degree C (350°F) for approximately 50 min.

Eat cold.

Here's one I made earlier (does not look much, but tastes great!!!)

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Marian said...

hmmmm Im going to have to try this one out!
I think it is funny that none of us Merrygorounders are much cooks, and yet we agreed on this topic! LOL

meherio68 said...

Breton sweets are always just the thing to fend off hunger and the cold— I love them to bits!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Ooww must have a go!

I saw you wrote on my blog that you studied in Exeter, what year? I studied in Exeter at the Art college 95/96... maybe we passed each other in the street, or dancing around Timepiece!
Small world we live in!!

Lily Pang said...

This is quiet simple and yet yummy recipe. I cannot wait to try it! I am so happy to read it! Thank you!

Easterya said...

Mariana, I think we all love food!!
Agathe, I miss my kouign-Aman and my Chouchen!!
Sara, I was in St Luke's, in 94/95... Small world indeed!!!

Beaded Zen said...

thanks for sharing :)

Ruth said...

Yum. Eat cold? As I was reading it I imagined a hot melting taste. When I come and visit, I'll bring the prunes and you can make this! I just made a delicious new prune dish this week - in coffee to go with meringue - and the prunes were gorgeous. Next time I'll send you some over!

Jenny said...

This also seem very tasty, I have to look up Breton on wikipedia.. My family's dog is a Breton.. :) There's no similarity in this case though :D

'fancypicnic' said...

I think this looks delish - and simple!! The only two conditions that matter!
I am going to have to try this (with sultanas though, I think).

How lovely to have a man that does the cooking x

Easterya said...

Thanks everyone!!
Ruth, you and your prunes are welcome round here any time :)

Ruth said...

Well, I have to confess that I've never been invited out with my prunes before! The prunes are jumping in the bag...waiting for me to fly over to Turkey with them...... How am I going to control them????