Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Merry-Go-Round

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This month's question: How do you celebrate Christmas? What traditions do you have?

Well... I wouldn't go as far as describing the way I celebrate Christmas as full of of traditions... in fact, the only tradition I really have kept over the years is to eat and drink until I cannot physically stand the sight of either... When I lived in France, Christmas Eve used to be the big night: huge meal, several bottles of wine with the family tribe, open the presents at midnight, then boggie the night away in a local nightclub or in church for the Christmas Mass - and yes, I have been known to do the latter in the middle of the dance floor...:)
Next morning is spent looking at the gorgeous presents from the night before - and bracing yourself for lunch...Aperitif first, of course, which takes an hour. My mum likes to go for the catered Christmas style, and it always starts with a huge plate of shellfish - I say shellfish, well, one year we were unlucky enough to have another type of shelled buddies on the plate, YUCK!!:( white wine flows freely and after an hour of scraping crab legs, we're all already pretty squiffy and having a good time, then arrive 2 kinds of meat (complete with tons of veg and salad), some poor kangoroo or other supposed to bring exotism in the middle of rural Brittany - exotism is why my mum goes for the caterer's funky menu... I said to her to go for shark or snake next time, but she told me off French style, shrugged-of-shoulders and mouth a perfect O: "Oh dis pas de conneries!" - then cheeses with red wines, then dessert with "digestif", by then 5 hours have disappeared. Dad then flops on the sofa and snores loudly over the Christmas programmes.
The rest of the day is spent dropping on family (or being dropped on), sitting, eating, drinking, catching up..

In Turkey this year, Christmas is a quiet affair, just my husband and I, and our little dog, Jack. We ate like pigs last night, did it again all day today, opened our presents this morning, gave Jack his treats from his own stocking, went for walks by the sea, enjoying the crisp sharp sea air and sunshine. Lovely...

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Merry Christmas to you all!!!


Ruth said...

Hope you can move! All that food and wine! What a tough day! Like the sound of your exotic mum!!! Sent Jack a little email - hope he likes it! Merry Christmas sweetie.

Marian said...

When I spent about a month in Poitiers, some years ago, the part of the day that I liked the most was "l'aperó". Jean Mi, our host, would herd us to the table where some nice porto and nuts where awaiting. Oh no wait...I also liked the cheeses!
Anyway, I hope you can move by today... try the shark next time, it actually yummy meat!


Lily Pang said...

I always feel that we eat too much in Chinese New Year. But now I know that others also eat a lot as well. Eating is very conforming and relaxing. I love good food with holiday.

The best thing is to eat together with family.

Half an Acre said...

OMG! I'm full just thinking about all that food and stuff consumed during a French Christmas! What is the French equivalent of Turkey?

'fancypicnic' said...

Yes! I'm SO with you on the food and drink thing!! All part of Christmas!
I hope you had a very merry time - happy new year to you!

Oops - have only just posted my piece!!

meherio68 said...

I finally got around to publishing my own post...

It's very much about food and drink with the French, isn't it?...

Bonne Année !

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas... eat, drink and be merry!


Sara x